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Savings Accounts

Let your savings grow with an attractive interest bearing Savings Account and access it at your convenience, across a wide network of branches & ATMs. You can now shop or pay your bills online, transfer funds or track your account conveniently via the Netbanking, Mobile Application & SMS banking channels.

Choose from an array of savings accounts custom-made for your unique needs.

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BSBDA-SMALL Savings Account

Start banking before documentation

Designed to enable the common man open & maintain a bank account, the zero balance BSBDA Small - Basic Savings Bank Account can be opened with minimum documentation. This account allows you a window of 12 months after the account is opened to apply for missing documents mandated under KYC. Post that, you get an additional 12 months to submit the same.

Minimum Balance Requirement: Nil

  • Product Features
    • No Minimum Balance Requirement
    • Free - ATM-cum-debit card with no annual maintenance charges
    • Free - Pass Book
  • ** Terms & Conditions – BSBDA Small
    • KYC liberalized**
    • Eligibility as applicable to regular Savings Bank Account
    • Can be operated Singly, jointly, E or S, F or S, anyone or Survivor
    • Extant procedure for opening Savings Bank Account will be followed.
    • A Small Account shall remain operational initially for a period of twelve months, and thereafter for a further period of twelve months if the holder of such an account provides evidence before the Bank of having applied for any of the officially valid documents within twelve months of the opening of account, with the entire relaxation provisions to be reviewed in respect of the said account after twenty four months.
    • Only Basic ATM-cum-debit card will be issued free of cost and no annual maintenance charge will be applied.
    • Balance in Small Account at any point should not exceed ₹ 50,000/.
    • Aggregate of all withdrawals and transfers in a month should not exceed ₹ 10,000/.
    • Aggregate of all credits in a Financial Year should not exceed ₹ 1.00 lac.
    • Maximum 4 withdrawals in a month, including ATM withdrawals at own and other Banks ATMs shall be allowed.
    • Foreign Remittances are not allowed to be credited into a Small Account unless the identity of the client is fully established through the production of officially valid documents.
    • Receipt/ credit of money through electronic payment channels like NEFT/RTGS will be free.
    • Deposit/ collection of cheques drawn by Central/State Government will be free.
    • No Minimum balance required & no debit card issuance charges.
    • No charge on activation of inoperative accounts
    • Regular charges will apply on services extended beyond those mentioned above

**Please refer to the schedule of charges for more details on Free Transaction limits, Service Charges and Fees.

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