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  • Q.1 Can any individual borrow funds from Bank under Microbanking?

    • Microbanking loans are extended to individual in the group formed by them. The group members shall satisfy the underwriting criteria prescribed by the Bank for being eligible for the loan.
  • Q.2 Can we open Savings Bank (SB) account with the Bank

    • Yes. The loan shall also be disbursed through the Savings Bank account
  • Q.3.Do we need to come to Bank branch for availing disbursements.

    • The loans shall be credited to your SB account. You can withdraw the amount at your convenience at your doorstep. Further, You can also visit the nearby Banking Unit of the Bank to draw cash from your SB account.
  • Q.4 Can we open only SB account in case we don’t want to borrow

    • Yes, you can open only SB account.
  • Q.5. Can I borrow Srishti loan in case my Suchana loan is still outstanding

    • No. A borrower can have any one of Suchana or Srishti outstanding at any given point in time.
  • Q.6. Do I have any facility for Standing Instructions?

    • Yes, you can set up standing instructions through your Bandhan Bank Account.