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Standard Fixed Deposit

Short-term or long-term deposit
Monthly or quarterly returns​

Let your idle savings work for you

  • Attractive interest rates
  • Option of monthly or quarterly interest payouts
  • Investment option of short-term or long-term deposit
Min. deposit

Premium Fixed Deposit

High-value deposits

Attractive returns for high-value deposits

  • Safe and guaranteed attractive returns on high-value deposits
  • Tenure – 7 days to 10 years
  • Partial withdrawal or premature closure available
Min. deposit

Tax Saver Fixed Deposit

Tax benefits and attractive returns

Tax benefits that are ideal for working professionals

  • Double advantage of tax benefits and attractive returns
  • Tenure – 5 to 10 years lock-in
  • Maximum deposit of ₹1,50,000 in a financial year
Min. deposit

Advantage Fixed Deposit

Compounded interest

Attractive interest rate to grow your money faster

  • Avail attractive interest rates to help your money grow
  • Tenure – 6 months to 10 years as per your personal investment plan
  • Nomination facility
Min. deposit

Dhan Samriddhi Fixed Deposit

Compounded interest reinvested in same scheme

Meet your short-term goals with this growth-oriented deposit

  • Compounded interest reinvested in the same scheme for quick growth
  • Ideal for short-term goals like marriage, festival, travel, home renovation, and more
  • Focus on high returns in the short time
Min. face value

Super Saver Fixed Deposit

Daily deposits​

Start the habit of saving daily to prepare for bigger spends

  • Daily deposit scheme specially for daily wage earners
  • Doorstep collection arranged by the Bank
  • On reaching a specified threshold, funds get transferred to a Fixed Deposit for a fixed tenure
Min. deposit

Build your savings with guaranteed returns 

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