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NRI Banking

NRI Banking

Your earnings abroad can earn attractive returns back home here in India

Being a Non Resident, it’s only but natural to expect world-class level – be it banking or any other service. We at Bandhan Bank NRI banking, will treat you and your needs as special exclusive.

Bandhan Bank offers basic NRI banking products like NRE Account (both Savings and Term Deposit), NRO Account (both Savings and Term Deposit). We understand your requirements and hence, we provide seasoned banking professionals to handle your queries and offer value added services. In addition to this we will also let you know about the latest updates about FEMA guidelines issued by The Reserve Bank of India from time to time. Bandhan Bank is committed to deliver a better banking experience as we follow efficient, transparent and customer-friendly policies.

You can avail of our advanced funds transfer facility to transfer funds from your account to that of your family members' account held with any Bandhan Bank branch across India. Our other services, such as allowing a Letter of Authority holder to enables hassle free banking operations to your family member authorised by you to operate your account in your behalf.

Different types of accounts and deposits is given below:

Different types of account offered by Bandhan Bank




Purpose of

To park overseas earning in India

To park Indian Earning  like Rent, Dividend etc.

Currency of

Indian Rupees

Indian Rupees


SB / FD / RD

SB / FD / RD

Initial funding for opening

  • Savings: Nil
  • RD: Rs. 100
  • FD: Rs. 1000
  • Savings: Nil
  • RD: Rs. 100
  • FD: Rs. 1000


Rupee account with full repatriation benefits

Account for your Local  Funds but limited repatriation

Joint Holding

* With NRI
* With Resident (Only in former or survivor)

Permitted with NRI and Resident (Only in former or survivor)

Repatriation of
Principal &

Freely Repatriable

Partial Repatriation allowed. Current income up to USD 1 million (Conditional) per FY.


Exempt from TDS

Subject to TAX

Local Rupee

Can't be deposited

Can be deposited

Mode of

Foreign Currency Cash, Transfer from other NRE Account / FCNR Account / Remittance from outside India

Indian Rupees Cash, Transfer from Resident account, Transfer from NRE account (Legitimate income of the NRI to be credited)

Period for
Fixed Deposit

Min 1 year
Max 10 years

Min 7 days
Max 10 years

Mandate facility



Benefits when you open a Non Resident Savings Account

  • One Bandhan - One Bank: Access your account from any Bandhan Bank Branch across India.
  • Favorable exchange: Competitive exchange rates on conversion of your foreign currency into rupees
  • Higher Rate of Interest: Earn higher Rate of Interest in your Saving Account balances.*
  • Higher Transaction Limits: Enjoy higher free transaction limits and host of benefits linked to savings account of your choice. *
  • Debit cum ATM Card: To withdraw cash through Bandhan Bank and other Bank ATMs and for shopping & making payments using your debit card.
  • Net Banking: Our state of the art electronic banking platform with real time online account access – Simple, Convenient and Safe.
  • Mobile Application: All the functionalities of Net Banking while on the move using our Mobile Application.
  • At Par Cheques: The Bandhan Bank 'At Par' Cheques are accepted as "Local Clearing" cheques across our branches in India, thus save on charges associated with ordering a demand draft.
  • Electronic Fund Transfer Facility: Transfer funds instantly through the Immediate Payment Service (IMPS) or National Electronic Fund Transfer (NEFT) or Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS) to over 65,000 Bank branches in India, assuring faster payment along with saving cost and time.
  • Nomination Facility: Nomination is the process of appointing a person to take care of one’s assets in the unfortunate event of death of account holder.
  • Mandate Holder Facility: You may appoint an Indian resident relative or friend to operate the account in your absence and take care of your financial commitments in India.
  • Standing Instruction Mandate involving Bandhan Bank Accounts – For periodic fund transfer to other account, payment of Recurring deposit instalments etc.
  • Pass Book Facility:  To keep record of your account transactions and details.
  • Transaction Alerts: Stay informed and updated through SMS & email alerts on all major transactions in your account.
  • 24/7 Convenience: Our 24-hour Customer Care is always available to answer any query or take your instructions. Please call on +91 33 6633 3333 OR 1800 258 8181 (India Toll Free).


* Please refer to the schedule of charges for more details on Free Transaction limits, Service Charges and Fees.