Dr. Aparajita Mitra

Dr. Aparajita Mitra
Dr. Aparajita Mitra
Independent Director

Dr. Mitra, a Doctorate in Agriculture (Dept. of Plant Molecular and cellular Biology, Bose Institute), having extensive experience and expertise of more than three decades in the field of agricultural sciences. She has done extensive research and published articles in the field of commercial micropropagation of Horticulture/tree and medicinal species, DNA extraction and sequencing, DNA fingerprinting (plants), gel electrophoresis, protein and isozyme analysis, etc. Dr. Mitra is a recipient of the CSIR Fellowship and the ‘Women Scientist Award’ from the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, 2005 for the project “Identification of Disease Resistant Genetic Markers in Bamboo Spp.”

She has also guided various postgraduate students from well-known universities on their projects in the domain of Plant Tissue culture part. She has been associated with various organisations, such as:

  • Director on the Board of Uncarbon Private Limited (since February 2022)

  • Director and Editor of Artfact, Arts Acre Foundation (since 2021)

  • Member, Advisory Board of the DBT Sponsored Post Graduation Diploma- “Quality Assurance Testing of Tissue Culture raised Plant“, a DBT (GoI) supported Skill Development Program, Certified by “Life Science Sector: Skill development Council” at Rama Krishna Mission Vivekananda Centenary College, Rahora, Kolkata

  • Visiting faculty in the Institute of Agricultural Sciences, University of Calcutta (since 2014)

  • Tissue Culture Consultant in Pallishree Limited, a Department of Biotechnology (‘DBT’) certified commercial lab, since its inception (since 2011) and R&D-Head, since 2021

  • Laboratory and Organic farming consultant in Maple Orgtech Private Limited and Tega Industries Private Limited (since 2016)

  • Research officer in The Agri-Horticultural Society of India (2002-2004 and 2008-2020)

  • As DST Women Scientist in the Bose Research Institute (2005-2007)

Dr. Mitra is a Ph.D in Agriculture, M. Tech., (Applied Botany, Dept. of Agricultural Engineering, IIT Kgp) and B.Sc in Botany (Hons), Chemistry and Zoology, M.Sc. (Genetics and Plant Breeding). She has also done hands on training in cell cloning from National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Lucknow.