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Here are our accounts with complimentary features

CMS Cash Collection

Risk- free cash pick up and deposit
Realtime tracking of cash deposit at multiple points

Seamless cash collection from your office across geographies

  • Cash pick up facility from multiple locations
  • Faster reconciliation with key information reflected through reports and MIS
  • Generation of reports as per customers' preferred frequency
  • Minimised operational risk
  • Efficient logistic support

NACH Debit (Mandate-based collection)

Mandate-based collection
Ideal solution for repetitive collection transactions​

Solution to facilitate interbank, high volume, electronic transactions which are repetitive and periodic in nature

  • Standardised one-time instruction form (Debit Authority) to pull money across banks
  • Improved security with unique tracking number for each Debit Authority Form
  • Well-defined timelines for Debit Authority – for both registration and transaction settlement
  • Capability to capture important consumer details like Loan Account/Folio/Policy number for faster reconciliation

Managing and growing your business can be done conveniently

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