Frequently Asked Question for Contactless Credit Card Usage

Frequently Asked Question for Contactless Credit Card Usage

What is contactless credit card? 

Fumbling for cash or waiting to a receipt can be a hassle. With a contactless credit card making a purchase is a whole lot easier. To pay, simply place your card over the contactless reader and you are good to go in no time. 

Safe and Secure
Your contactless card never leaves your hand, so you have even more peace of mind. 

Still a regular card
Continue to enjoy the benefits of your card on top of the latest contactless payment technology. Your card maybe still inserted or swiped at card terminals for payment like a regular card. 

Where can you use a contactless credit card? 

Look for the contactless ripple mark on your credit or debit card as well as the terminal at the store. This is not restricted to contactless-enabled terminals in India and can be used globally.

Is this payment mode secure?

Yes, this payment mode is very secure. The technology rides on Radio Frequency (RF) like a RFID tag but with more secure microprocessors which can perform cryptographic processing. The encryption technology used to send the transaction message is the same as the chip + PIN encryption. The maximum transaction value that can be processed by Tap only (without a PIN) is restricted to ₹2,000, hence limiting your risk. The Reserve Bank of India, vide its circular has relaxed the requirement of Additional Factor of Authentication (AFA) in case of small value card present transactions using Near Field Communication (NFC). Contactless technology subject to adherence to EMV standards. 

What happens if the terminal is not contactless-enabled? 

Your card can still function as a regular card for Chip+PIN transaction or swipe transaction. 

Can my transaction get triggered if I walk past the device?

No, the contactless system is designed to give the cardholder control. The vendor at the terminal needs to enter the purchase amount for approval and the card needs to be held near the terminal for the transaction to occur. Also, terminals can process only one payment at a time. Each contactless transaction includes a unique code that changes with each purchase, which can only be used once and can only be generated by the chip in the original contactless card, preventing a counterfeit card from being produced from the intercepted card security details. In the unlikely event of fraud, you must notify us immediately or as soon as reasonably possible of any unauthorised card use or any suspicious activities. 

What is the transaction limit that is set? 

The maximum transaction amount that can be processed with contactless is ₹2,000, which is the cap set by RBI. For transactions over ₹2,000, you will be prompted to do a dip and enter the PIN. 

Is this transaction limit valid globally?

No, the transaction limits globally are set based on the local market consumption pattern and vary by country. The limit depends on the location where the contactless transaction is initiated. The ₹2,000 limit is valid for a transaction initiated at contactless terminals in India.

What happens if I must do an online transaction?

Contactless transactions can only be done at physical terminals, which are contactless-enabled. Online transaction will continue to be processed the same way as they do presently with the OTP validation. 

How many contactless transactions can I do in a day? 

You can do 5 contactless transactions in a day, i.e. 5 transactions each of ₹2,000 without entering the PIN. Once the 5-transaction limit is hit, you will need to do a dip transaction and enter your PIN to complete the transaction. This is to limit the number of transactions that are done without the 2-factor authentication to 5. The transaction limit will be reset every day. The 5 transactions are set at a card level and not at a customer level. 

For example: if you have 2 contactless cards you can do 5 contactless transactions on each card. This number is irrespective of the amount spent on the card in these 5 transactions. 

Can I opt for the card without the contactless feature? 

Contactless is the permanent feature of the card and cannot be disabled. However, you are free to use the card only to perform dip transactions which will require you to enter the PIN.

How will I know my transaction has been completed? 

The terminal at the outlet will indicate that the payment has been completed with a message and will also print out charge slips for the transaction. 

What happens if my card is stolen – can the person use it repeatedly? 

Safeguards are in place to mitigate the use of lost or stolen contactless card by a fraudster. There is a contactless transaction limit set as low as ₹2,000, above which the transaction cannot be authorised without PIN verification. Additionally, there is a maximum transaction cap of 5 transactions in a day. Hence, please note that your maximum liability on any given date will be limited to ₹10,000. Transactions are analysed by the card issuer and global payment networks in real-time to identify fraud patterns and detect suspicious transactions. You will not be held responsible for fraudulent charges or unauthorised purchases made using the contactless feature on your chip card, after reporting the loss of your card to the Bank.