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mBandhan is the easiest mobile banking application, designed to meet the daily banking needs of our customers. The user interface of mBandhan is extremely simple, making it very easy for even non-tech savvy people to use mobile banking.

To start using mBandhan, you need to register your phone number with Bandhan Bank. You will also need either an active Debit Card or Internet Banking credentials.

How to register on mBandhan?

Step 1: Download mBandhan App on your Android or Apple phone. Please note that you can register mBandhan only on the mobile handset which contains the registered mobile number’s SIM card inserted within it. For Android, please visit Google Play Store and install the mBandhan App For Apple, please visit App Store and install the mBandhan App

Step 2: Once mBandhan is installed on the device, in order to register on mBandhan, you would need to verify details such as Account Number/CIF Number and Internet Banking/Debit Card credentials. The App with give you an option of setting 6-digit Login PIN, 6-digit Transaction PIN and answers to 5 secret questions chosen by you.

Step 3: Once you have successfully registered on the App, login by entering your 6-digit Login PIN. In order to ensure maximum security, the 6-digit Login PIN will be prompted every time you wish to login.


Accounts & Deposits

  • • View all the linked accounts
  • • Check Balance Enquiry
  • • Get Account Statements (detailed and mini)
  • • View all the existing Term Deposits
  • • Create a new Term Deposit
  • • Modify or close an existing Term Deposit
  • • Associate a nominee with a Term Deposit

Funds Transfer

  • • RTGS
  • • NEFT
  • • IMPS
  • • Transfer to other accounts within Bandhan Bank
  • • Transfer to self-linked accounts
  • • Schedule a transaction
  • • Add, modify or delete a beneficiary


  • • Card Blocking
  • • Order a Cheque Book
  • • Track the status of Cheque(s)
  • • Stop Cheque(s)
  • • Manage Account Related Passwords
  • • Link Your Aadhaar Number
  • • Get details of the Customer care center


Q1. What is mBandhan?
mBandhan is a mobile banking application that allows you to access your bank account(s) using a mobile phone. You can view account related information, transfer funds and complete a lot more transactions using this application.

Q2. Who can use mBandhan?
An existing Bandhan Bank customer with a savings account registered with either Internet banking or having an ATM cum Debit Card along with mobile number registered with the Bank can avail the mobile banking facility

Q3. What are the facilities available on mBandhan?
mBandhan makes banking a lot simpler! You don’t have to visit a Branch or an ATM anymore for services like Mini Statement, Balance Enquiry, Fund Transfer, Cheque book request & updation of personnel details.

Q4. How long does it take to download the mBandhan application?
The actual download time depends on the speed of GPRS connectivity offered by your mobile operator.

Q5. Where will mBandhan get downloaded on my phone?
The downloaded application is stored in a particular folder of the handset, specific to each device.

Q6. Are there any charges for downloading/activating mBandhan?
Bandhan Bank offers mBandhan free of charge to its customers. You can download and use this application as and when required without any charges levied by the Bank. Your mobile operator may levy charges for GPRS/SMS used. Please check with your operator for details..


Q1. Can anyone else use my mBandhan?
mBandhan is user specific. It requires a unique MPIN code that is recognized by the Bank for any transactions via the application. It is a safe and secure process as the application locks itself on entering three consecutive incorrect PINs. For matter of safety, you are requested not to share your mBandhan MPIN with anyone.

Q2. How to de-register if my phone is lost?
No. you cannot use mBandhan until you have registered your mobile number with Bandhan Bank. Further, you can register on mBandhan only through the registered mobile number with Bandhan Bank.

Q3. What if I delete/uninstall mBandhan from my mobile phone by mistake?
You will need to download the application again on your handset. Please refer to the FAQ response for "How to download the MBandhan application". Follow the download process depending on the OS of your phone.

Q4. What should I keep in mind while setting the MPIN?
You will not be able to set MPIN which is repetitive or sequential. Kindly enter unique digits while setting MPIN.

Q5. I have entered the MPIN incorrectly, 3 times and message is displayed that ‘Your mBandhan application is locked’, what should I do?
Click on Forgot MPIN screen, and then you can unlock your MPIN via internet banking or debit card details procedure.

Q6. Can I use mBandhan, if I have not activated Bandhan Bank’s Internet Banking?
Yes. If you are not active on Bandhan Bank’s Internet Banking, please register on mBandhan using your active Debit Card.

Q7. If I authenticate the application via Internet banking details then will I be able to unlock the application via Debit card details and vice versa?
Yes, once registered you can use either of the details, internet banking or debit card details, to unlock the application

Q8. In case I have forgotten my MPIN how should I reset the same?
The MPIN can be reset by clicking Forgot MPIN icon. Here you will get an option to reset your MPIN.

Q9. Will mBandhan have a similar appearance on all phones?
The appearance of mBandhan will differ on different phones, however its functions and operations will remain the same, irrespective of the mobile handset being used.

Q10. In case I have not updated the new application from the Play Store market, then will I be able to use the old application?
Yes, if you have not updated the new application, then the older application will keep working without any issues. However, it is recommended to update your application to enjoy added services and features.

Q11. In case I am not deregistering the older application, will I be able to use the new application? Also in this case, what will happen to my older mBandhan app?
In case you have not deregistered from the older application and downloaded the new one and completed the process of registration, the older application will get deregistered automatically.

Q12. Will the beneficiaries added over the older application reflect when I update mBandhan?
All added beneficiaries will be reflected in the new application.

Q13. What happens when I click on the Login button on the home screen?
In case you have already registered, you will be directed for MPIN confirmation.


Q1. How do I download mBandhan?
mBandhan can be downloaded from - Google Play Store for Android devices, App store for Apple devices.

Q2. How do I register for mBandhan?
You can register for the application either through Internet Banking or through Debit Card credentials.

Q3. How to complete first time authentication via Debit Card?
After completing first level registration, to use any feature on MBandhan application, authenticate using your Debit Card credentials. Enter the following details of your Active* Debit Card:

a) Card Number.

b) Card Expiry.


Q4. What happens when I try to activate mBandhan on a handset which does not carry the SIM card of the registered mobile number?
The registration fails as your registered mobile number is required to activate the application.

Q5. In which case does the activation process fail?
If the mobile number in the handset does not match your registered mobile number, then the registration fails.

Q6. If my debit card is blocked or I don’t have a debit card then will I be able to use the mobile banking application?
In this case, if you have a savings account with Bandhan Bank and your net banking is activated, you can register using your internet banking credentials.

Q7. What happens when I click on Login button post successful registration?
You will be asked to enter the MPIN which was set at the time of registration of the application.

Q8. I have a dual SIM phone. How do I register mBandhan on my phone?
In case you have a dual SIM phone, ensure the bank registered mobile number is selected as the primary number and is active. In case you are still unable to register, remove the 2nd SIM card from the device and place the registered number SIM in the primary slot of the phone to register.

Q9. While I am authenticating the application via the debit card I'm shown an error stating that your primary account number for the debit card is not matching with SMS Banking?
To activate mBandhan, you need to register your primary account linked to the debit card for SMS Banking.

You can register your mobile number by visiting the nearest branch.

Q10. What if I get disconnected or my mobile phone switches off while performing a transaction?
You can simply reconnect to mBandhan and verify your transaction history to check if the transaction has been executed. You can also check the Mini Statement of the account.

Q11. What if I get an SMS or a call while Using mBandhan?
On most handsets, you can answer the call or read the SMS while mBandhan continues to run in the background. After you have finished your call, you can resume the application. However, for certain handsets, you may need to re-open the application and log in again. In case the call is extended for a longer duration then the application will get logged out and you will have to log in again.

Q13. What if I change my mobile handset or change my mobile number?
In case you change your handset, you need to download the application again. An activation code would be sent to the registered number to ensure security.

Q14. If I have lost my mobile handset what should I do?
If you have lost your mobile phone then please report the same to Customer service or you can download the application on the new handset in use, once you register using the current handset, you will be de-registered from the older application.

Q15. Can I use mBandhan on two handsets simultaneously?
No, to ensure the security of your account you can only use the application on one handset.

Funds Transfer:

Q1. How to transfer funds to Bandhan Bank account holders and other bank account holders?
Select 'Transfer' from Home Page and then select the required option for Fund Transfer.

Q2. If I have multiple accounts and want to transfer money between them, how can I do it?
In the Transfer section, select the option "Transfer between own Accounts". Choose the account you want to transfer the amount From & account you want to transfer To. Enter the amount and Submit.

Q3. Can I schedule the Funds transfer for a later date?
You can schedule the funds transfer to a later date by clicking on the “Schedule payment Transaction” option.

Q4. How do I transfer money to other Bandhan Bank account?
Select 'Transfer' from Home Page and then select option “Transfer to third party within bank”.

Q5. How many payees can I delete in one go?
Only one payee can be deleted at a time.


Q1. What is Favorites transactions ? What can I do with the same?
This feature enables the most used transactions to be added to it, enabling quick access.

Debit Card Management:

Q1. Can I block my debit card in mBandhan?
Yes, you can block your current Debit Card in mBandhan. Once blocked you will not be able to use your blocked debit card for any future transactions.

Q2. Will my debit card get instantly blocked?
Yes, the debit card will be blocked instantly. Once blocked you will not be able to use your debit card for any transaction.

Q3. Can I reactivate my debit card once it is blocked?
Your debit card once blocked cannot be reactivated in future and you will not be able to use your debit card for any transaction.


Q1. Where can I see my personal details?
To view your personal details, you need to click on “Profile” option in Home page.

Q2. Where is the forget MPIN, option?
While entering the PIN, during login there is a forgot PIN, option, which enables you to change your MPIN

Q3. Once I de-register mBandhan, can I activate it again?
Yes ,You can activate the application again. In case you are using the same handset, you just need to download the application again and register.


Q1. I want to request for a new cheque book how should I do it?
You can request for a new cheque book under Service & by opting “Cheque Book Request “

Q2. How should I stop a cheque?
Cheque can be stopped by clicking on the stop cheque facility and by entering Account number , Cheque & Reason.

Q3. Can I stop a paid cheque?
You will not be able to stop the paid cheque, only unpaid cheques can be stopped.

Q4. How should I stop an unused cheque?
The same can be done by clicking on the stop cheque button which will appear in case of unused cheques only. Here you need to authenticate the transaction with MPIN. Post successful authentication the cheque will be stopped.


Q1. How can I check the last transaction details for accounts?
Click on the Transaction Accounts tab and select the account you wish to view the transaction details for.

Q2. Where can I get details of deposits on mBandhan?
Login to mBandhan and click on Term Deposit tab where you can view Fixed or Recurring Deposits linked to your account.

Q3. Can I open a fixed deposit using mBandhan?
Yes, user can open & view deposits on mBandhan.

Q4. Can I pre-close my fixed or recurring deposit?
Yes, you can pre-close your fixed deposit through mBandhan.

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Offers for mBandhan users

A link with special offers will be sent via SMS and email after registration on the mBandhan app. On clicking the link, you will be taken to the offers microsite from where you can avail attractive offers specially designed for you.

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