mBandhan Mobile App

  • Easy-to-use mobile app for your daily banking needs 

  • Added security while logging in with your MPIN 

  • Wide range of facilities available for Accounts & Deposits, Funds Transfer and other complimentary Services 


  • View Account  

  • Check balance inquiry 

  • View latest transactions 

  • View all linked Accounts 

  • Get Account statements (detailed and mini) 



  • Create new Fixed/Recurring Deposit 

  • View existing Deposits 

  • Modify/close Deposit 

  • Appoint nominee

Know more about our Fixed Deposits and Recurring Deposit 

Fund Transfer  

  • Transfer money 24x7 using RTGS, NEFT and IMPS 

  • Transfer to accounts within and outside Bandhan Bank

  • Schedule transaction in advance  

  • Manage list of beneficiaries – add, delete, modify  

  • Set daily transaction limits

Know more about our Money Transfer offerings 


  • Order cheque book 

  • Track cheque status 

  • Stop cheque 

  • Update email Id 

  • Permanently block Debit Card 

  • Managing account-related passwords 

Safety & security while using mBandhan 

Enhanced safety features on mBandhan ensure high security for your transactions: 

  • Options to use Debit Card and PIN or Internet Banking credentials for registration   

  • Guidelines for setting strong PINs 

  • Dual-layered PIN – Login and Transaction PIN – to authenticate user and transaction 

  • Automatic session time-out after 3 minutes of inactivity 

  • Last login time details for validation 

  • SIM and device binding to safeguard your transactions  


We recommend the following best practices to ensure safe and secure usage of mBandhan: 

  • Change Login and Transaction PINs regularly 

  • Use the latest version of Mobile Banking App always 

  • Check last login time on the Home Page to monitor unauthorised logins 

  • Remember to log out from mBandhan App once you are done 

  • Do not share mBandhan PINs, Debit Card details, or OTPs with anyone 

  • Never leave your mobile unattended 

  • Never open any untrusted links/emails/websites/hyperlinks etc. 

Downloading mBandhan app is free of charge for all Bandhan Bank customers. Your mobile operator may charge for data/SMS usage.  

To view the complete and updated list of associated charges, click here

  • All existing Bandhan Bank customers who have a Savings Account or Current Account (as applicable) – with an ATM-cum-Debit Card or a valid Reference Number
  • Your mobile number must be registered with the Bank

Download App

Android App | iOS App


mBandhan App Checksum

Platform App Version App Checksum (SHA-256)
Android v2.2.8 HL7UNAuILE3QKSSB9Mi4uuUys0EXYe7VEkIV5aQAhtA
iOS v2.0.9 db8dbae5b0b52f8981a8063bff306642f2c3d5324431f19ccac267eee9d23a40


Getting started 

Use mBandhan quickly and easily on your mobile phone  

  1. Download the mBandhan app from Google Playstore or App store 

  1. Register using your Debit Card or Internet Banking credentials 

  1. Set your 6-digit Login and Transaction PIN 

  2. Set security questions and answers

  3. Log in using your PIN and you are ready to bank 


To ensure secure and safe usage of mBandhan, follow these steps:

  1. Change Login and Transaction PINs at regular intervals
  2. Always keep your Mobile Banking App updated
  3. To monitor unauthorised logins always check your last login time on the Home Page
  4. Always log out from mBandhan App 
  5. Never share OTPs, debit card details and mBandhan PINs with anyone
  6. Do not leave your phone unattended
  7. Never click on any untrusted links/websites/emails/hyperlinks etc.