Remit Online

Remit Online

Online transfer of funds Partner service
Send money securely to your family in India through our online partner
  • Seamless and secured remittances to India through our partner Remit2India  

  • Send money from USA, Australia, United Kingdom, Canada and Ireland to India  

  • To send money, visit the Remit2India website


The Inward Remittance services are offered by Remit2India. No branch of Bandhan Bank located in India has any connection with the arrangement or is responsible for customer complaints or any issues related to money transfers through Remit2India. For any help and information regarding money transfers through this arrangement, please contact Remit2India at

Dispute escalation

Use any of the options below for grievance addressal:  

  • Email:  

    • Write to with your issue 

    • Include the RTRN Number (Remittance Transaction Reference Number) for effective resolution 

  • Phone:  

    • Call Remit2India directly on the numbers below: 

Sr. No. Country Currency Toll-free numbers
1 United States USD 1-888-736-4886
2 United Kingdom GBP 0800-0163404
3 Canada CAD 1-888-736-4886
4 Australia AUD 1-800-859-876
5 Ireland EUR
  • Remit2India will respond within 72 hours of receipt of your grievance.  

  • If you do not receive a suitable resolution within the specified time from Remit2India, write to Bandhan Bank at We will respond within 72 hours to resolve the escalation. 

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