Trade Finance


transactions to bridge the gap between buyers and sellers 


working capital to manage your business 


processing for quick service 

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Here are our accounts with complimentary features

Bank Guarantee

Available for high-value projects​

Assurance to your trade partners in events of reduced cash flow

  • Quick and convenient Inland Bank Guarantees
  • Effective way of securing performance and payment
  • Enables large-scale business transactions, high-value project or advance receipt of payment

Letter of Credit 

Ideal for uninterrupted seller payments

Financial promise undertaken on your behalf to ensure smooth and uninterrupted business

  • Enables you to quickly purchase goods and services by negotiating viable terms with your domestic suppliers
  • Expert advice from our experienced team for accurate drafting to protect your interest
  • Available at competitive pricing

Bill for Collection 

Easy documents handling
domestic service​

Handling of documents as per instructions for smooth functioning of your business

  • Domestic service to help route your documents and ensure timely payments
  • Dedicated processing unit to actively monitor transactions
  • Timely realisation of receivables for your business

Managing and growing your business can be done conveniently

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