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Micro Enterprise Loan

Micro Enterprises loan helps our small entrepreneurs to dream big. Micro Enterprises Loan is for those borrowers who have completed a minimum of 4 cycles of loan for our product Suchana and/or Srishti.

Minimum Loan Amount : INR 151,000

Maximum Loan Amount : INR 3,00,000

Processing fee : 1% + GST/ Applicable taxes .

Loan Tenure : Up to 2 Years

Rate of Interest : April 01, 2016 onwards, the lending rates on loan products will be with reference to MCLR. The current interest rate is 17.95% p.a.

Highlights :

  • Doorstep documentation and delivery
  • Dedicated Banking Unit to service the needs of the customers
  • Simplified documentation for hassle free loan processing
  • Use of hand held devices (HHDs) with biometric authentication at doorsteps to speed up transaction time
  • Timely disbursement

For further detail, please contact our Banking Unit near you.